November 18, 2009 – Whizbang Films Launches Companion Website For The Anticipated New Television Series, Cra$h & Burn




Toronto (November 18, 2009) – Whizbang Films announces the launch of aninteractive companion website to the new Showcase series, Crash and Burn.Both the series and the website debut offers viewers a chance to experience the inside world ofthe insurance biz through the cast of characters featured in the show. Theadvertising face and voice of Protected Insurance – the fictional insurancecompany portrayed in each episode – guides users through the site.While fans visiting the site have a chance to view exclusive cast interviews,behind the scenes footage and episode guides, alsoincludes two innovative bonus features that offer users an unprecedented digitalexperience as they interact with the show and its characters:


- “Autotopsy” uses state of the art technology to deconstruct a majorcollision, first experiencing the aftermath of the accident as adjusterJimmy Burn (the lead character in the series, played by Luke Kirby) arriveson the scene and examines the site. An in-depth look at the crash soonfollows as Jimmy navigates through the collision providing feedback onthe repercussions from an insurance adjuster’s point of view. Chillingsound effects are also used for added excitement.


- “Protected Detective: Branch Investigation” allows viewers to becomeinvolved in an interrogation of Protected employees suspected ofinsurance fraud and determine the perpetrator through an on-line vote.The suspect with the greatest number of votes will be fired at the end ofthe virtual experience. A leader board reflects the standings. In addition,users are empowered to alter the course of the investigation by makingselections and altering the line of was developed by Toronto-based interactive studio Jam3for Whizbang Films, with the financial participation of the Bell Broadcast and NewMedia Fund and the Canadian Television Fund. representsWhizbang’s third interactive website to support its film and television products,preceded by and


Crash and Burn airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT on Showcase, beginning today.


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